Cores, Returns & Warranty


-Core deposit is included in the price, once we receive the core(s) we will inspect it.

-Please return cores with a copy of the invoice and also well-packaged to avoid damage. Keep in mind these items are sold in exchange, so cores must be in a rebuildable condition. Cores must be returned in undamaged conditions, if damage occurs during shipping, due to poor packaging or other reasons we reserve the right to prorate or forfeit core refund at our discretion.

– Cores must be returned within 21 days in order to collect full core credit.

Grade A Core:

*Turbo is complete and spins. Turbine-wheel and nozzle ring have no additional damage.

*Injector(s) are complete and undamaged.

Grade A cores are accepted for full core credit.

Grade B Core:

Turbo assembly is complete, but at least one of the major components is damaged (turbine wheel, compressor wheel or nozzle ring).

Injector(s) are complete, but at least one of the major components is damaged (solenoid, inj. tip)

Grade B cores accepted for partial core credit.

Grade C Core:

Turbo unit is not complete and most major components are damaged or missing (turbine wheel, compressor wheel, and nozzle ring).

Injector(s) are not complete and most major components are damaged or missing.

Grade C cores are not accepted for core credit.


-There is a 15% restocking fee on all installed products and non-defective returns.

– All returns are at the discretion of JC Diesel Injection, Inc. No returns are accepted without the prior approval of JC Diesel Injection, Inc.


– There is a 6 month warranty on all rebuilt parts starting on the date of purchase, only Genuine parts have a 1 year warranty.

-Please contact us if you suspect the item is defective, you must run it through us so we can further evaluate the problem. Item must be returned to us for inspection (a return label will be provided), once inspected a warranty will be shipped to you. Additional cost may vary due to returned damaged parts.

-In matter of urgency, if you need the turbo shipped out the day of, a warranty deposit will be required. Once the defective item is returned, we will inspect it. If the item is damaged, the warranty deposit will be partially refunded.

-Warranty covers this item only, by us only.

– The warranty does not apply when the item has been subject to abuse, improper installation, operator negligence, overloading, overheating, misuse, lack of adding lubrication, improper lubrication, fuel and water contamination, poor maintenance, or other accidents determined by “JC Diesel Injection Service, Inc.”

– Furthermore unauthorized repair of our item voids this warranty. If you specifically request an item to be repaired, which is contrary to our recommended practice, this warranty shall be voided. This warranty does not cover troubleshooting, diagnostics time, road service, towing, downtime, loss of profits, cargo damage, mechanics mileage, freight and any other indirect items.