Core & Returns

– All claims, returned goods and cores must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice.

– Cores must be returned in good condition (non-broken).

– Limited warranty is 6 months on all rebuilt parts, which includes the part and labor only for that rebuild part.

– New items may be warranted by the manufacture.

– The warranty does not apply when the item has been subject to abuse, improper installation, operator negligence, overloading, overheating, misuse, lack of adding lubrication, improper lubrication, fuel and water contamination, poor maintenance, or other accidents determined by “JC Diesel Injection Service, Inc.”

– Furthermore unauthorized repair of our item voids this warranty. If you specifically request an item to be repaired, which is contrary to our recommended practice, this warranty shall be voided. This warranty does not cover troubleshooting, diagnostics time, road service, towing, downtime, loss of profits, cargo damage, mechanics mileage, freight and any other indirect items.